Norway Itinerary with Visit Norway

After a year I am finally posting our Norway Itinerary! You’ll also find some humor in the itinerary as Alexus is quote the story teller!! ENJOY!

Day 1- Travel Day Chicago O’hare → Iceland → Oslo, Norway → Tromso, Norway

We decided to fly out of Chicago O’Hare Airport with a quick lay over in Iceland before arriving in Oslo, Norway. We had a couple hours to make our final connecting flight to Tromso. If flying into Oslo which is usually necessary to get a domestic flight to Tromso it is good to note that you must re-check your bags. So make sure you allow enough time for this. Or if you are like us you can accidentally book your flights for the completely wrong month and get stuck in the airport for multiple hours. (But hey on the bright side you can take all the time to get them backs checked and re-organize your luggage because you over-packed a little). Along with the mess up on flights Abigail’s luggage was a little heavy…

Day 2- Reindeer Feeding, Sami Culture, Northern Lights

Before leaving for Norway we decided to make this trip about spontaneity, so we did not book anything in advance. With that, the night we arrived we booked our first excursion through Tromso Artic Reindeer.  There are different packages you can choose from, we ended up choosing the feeding and Sami culture and opted out of the reindeer sleigh ride. We left the hotel that morning and took a 25 minute bus ride to the farm (included in package) where we were able to spend hours walking through the fields feeding and taking lots of photos of the reindeer. It was such an awesome experience. Just when our hands were starting to get cold it was time for lunch (also included in package). Lunch was homemade reindeer soup (a delicacy in Norway), cookies, tea, and hot chocolate. Then everyone met up in the lavuu and we learned about the Sami Culture, reindeer herding and even performed a joik (traditional Sami song). Honestly this excursion was more fun than we had anticipated. Definitely a must in Tromso!   

On the bus ride back to the hotel we started talking with others and quickly learned due to the weather it would be a great night to see the Northern Lights. Immediately when we got back to the hotel we started looking for tours we could do. Some were already booked, but then we came across one on a catamaran through Pukka Travels. Instantly Abigail and I were up for the adventure, and there were openings! So we took a quick nap and then that night headed out on the Norwegian Sea to chase the Northern Lights. Our guides were very welcoming and it ended up only being about ten of us. They provide warm suits on the boat and we never got cold, even when we thought the best spot would be the front of the catamaran but did not realize the waves were pretty big on the way out. WE GOT SOAKED! Thanks to our warm suits though we never got cold and our clothes stayed dry underneath. Note: if you are prone to sea sickness it is a good idea to take some medication before heading out. Abigail, please read this before we head out to sea again. I personally enjoyed this excursion a lot, Abigail ended up with sea sickness though... Do not think that held her down though as soon as we were peacefully stopped (no more waves), staring up at the clear sky we got to watch the lights dance across the sky. It sure does cure any sickness. Such an amazing thing to experience! After the show was over we went back in and ate some of the best fresh homemade cod soup I have ever had, I went back for seconds and could have done thirds. Again, another free meal included on the excursion!

Day 3 Dog Sledding

This was top of our list and ended up being our favorite excursion. We booked through Pukka Travels and with this excursion they served coffee, hot chocolate and cake after dog sledding. Again also included was a free bus ride from the hotel to the dogs. We went on the night trip and when we arrived they supplied warm suits, gloves, socks, boots and a head lamp. At first we went out to play with all the pups that were staying back and then got a quick rundown on how to drive a sled. Mainly you must: keep hands and feet on at all times, know where the break is and do not fall off because all these dogs want to do is RUN, and that is exactly what they will do if they have the chance. Then we were warned that when we turned out our head lamps the dogs knew this was the signal that it was time to go. At this time they all started howling and it was the coolest thing ever, I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. Only the two of us were on the sled and we took turns every so often switching drivers. At one point Abigail was driving and tried to help steer around a tree, lost her balance and next thing we know all I can hear is “ALEXXXUUSSS……” slowly drifting away. I realize she is no longer on the sled and like we were instructed this means that dogs run! But thankfully with the athletic skills we like to pretend we have Abigail jumped up and back on the sled while I used my legs as a break and we were back on the trail! I have never laughed so hard. This was seriously the absolute most amazing experience and we rode for about 2.5-3 hours. THIS IS A MUST DO IN NORWAY! Oh, I should also add we were riding under the Northern Lights at one point. Even though we loved everything about the night experience of dog sledding, we have decided we will go during the day next time, because we want to have some awesome photos.

Day 4 City Day & Fjellheisen

We definitely packed in all our excursions the first few days so we decided to take a city day to explore. We checked out a local coffee shop in the morning and then walked around the marina to take in the full tourist experience. Then we decided to head up to Fjellheisen, Tromso. To get there we decided to take an uber which was about $15 one way, but there is also the option of taking a bus. Once we arrived there is a gondola that takes you to the top of the mountain, again you pay a small fare for the round trip. At the top there is a lookout and you can also climb the ice mountain. The views up here are to die for. We decided it was worth checking out in the day time and at night so we went back up this same night to see the city lights below. Sometimes in life you are lucky enough to find the most amazing people that can plan the best surprises. Day four of our trip ended in a way that made this the ultimate trip of a lifetime.  My now fiancé flew to Norway (which I thought was a girls trip) and surprised me at the top of the mountain. I ended up returning from Norway engaged!! So, if you want help planning the perfect proposal, Abigail is the one to help all you guys out there. Afterwards we celebrated at the small restaurant located on top of Fjellheisen.

Day 5 Return to Oslo (travel day)

We woke up this morning and actually ended up going back to Fjellheisen to get some engagement photos during the day time. That afternoon we took our bus back to the airport and caught our flight to Oslo. When arriving at the airport it is a little ways from the city so we took the train to Oslo and then had to catch a bus to our Airbnb.

Day 6 Stop-over in Oslo

After arriving and waking up in our Airbnb we decided to check out Oslo. We went downtown to get some food and did some souvenir shopping. To get around Oslo we found it easiest to use Uber. Honestly, none of us loved Oslo. It is a big city feel and we all enjoy outdoor adventures/excursions more. When we go back we most likely will not be stopping in Oslo for very long. Also, thankfully we now had a guy added to the trip because at night if it would have just been the girls we would have not felt very safe.  

Day 7 Travel back home

We had to wake up at a decent time to catch the train back to the airport. Instead of taking a bus (which was not easy when we had arrived) we took an Uber back to the train. The busing system in Tromso was much easier to figure out compared to Oslo, due to the size of the city. That summed up the most amazing trip and we cannot wait to get back and now experience Norway in the summer time. Hope this itinerary helps you plan your next adventure!

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