Exploring Denison


I have driven through and past Denison so many times while living in Texas. To be honest I never would have thought it would be the PERFECT please to relax and unplug from life. I know automatically I was in love when we were driving up to the cabin and saw 3 beautiful horses. If you know me you know all I dream of having in this life in 2 horses and 2 dogs haha. We drove up to the cutest little cabin and the view was so peaceful, and it felt like we were the only ones for miles and miles! A HUGE shout out to Discover Denison for hosting us!!


Our first day was packed with the CUTEST activities! We got to build our own succulent garden at https://www.410collectivedenison.com/. Its so cool the way they set it up, we got to go around the store and pick out our bowl then pick our succulents. It was so much fun to mixnmatch the different types and see the finished product all together. I might have loved this activity the most because I just moved in to my first house and was in DIRE need of some greenery decor!

A huge bonus to 410 collective is the coffee shop inside! https://www.revolutioncoffeecodenison.com/

One thing I love about small towns are the cute traditions. One of the cutest traditions was painting a rock. We were a little confused at first but when Elsie at https://2chickshomeandmarket.com/ explained it to us we couldn’t wait to get started! You paint a rock then leave it throughout the city for people to come across. There is even a facebook page dedicated to people who find the rocks…..I mean how cute it that!

https://www.poparoundthecorner.com/ After a long day of exploring we got to go to Pop Around the Corner. I mean doesn’t get much better than Gourmet Popcorn….I may or may not have eaten both bags within 3 days! They have over 50 unique flavors, and If you aren’t suer about a flavor they are more than happy to give you a sample!


Basically the moral of the story is, if you are in need of a relaxing trip and just want to unplug and recharge Denison is the place for you!! Another shout out for Discover Denison for the cutest Cabin we could have asked for!!